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1 THIRTY FIRST SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME NOVEMBER 4, 2018 HOLY CROSS C A T H O L I C C H U R C H Iglesia Católica de La Santa Cruz 1244 SOUTH POWER ROAD MESA, ARIZONA Pastor Fr. Lawrence Merta Parochial Vicars Fr. Simon Osuchukwu Fr. Jaya Rao Maddu Retired Priests Fr. Pierre Hissey Fr. Jerry Stack, C.PP.S. Deacons Richard Conn Tom Ferreira Bill Finnegan James Gersitz Ciso Macia Joe Scaccia Clarence Vetter Parish Office (480) Religious Education Office (480) Fax (480) Website MISSION STATEMENT AD INTRA (for ourselves): To deepen our experience of Jesus Christ through a vibrant sacramental life and our common liturgical worship. AD EXTRA (to the world): To reach our vocational fulfillment individually and as a community by engaging our neighbor with the Gospel Message.

2 2 FROM THE PASTOR S DESK DEL ESCRITORIO DEL PASTOR The World in View from a Believer s Perspective H ere s a gem of a photo from the 2nd Annual Holy Cross Family Camp this past July near Mormon Lake. I asked for a Cheeto and she did not hesitate to share with me a handful. Such lessons are learned at home. I suspect her happy display of generosity was the fruit of her family experience where the needs of another come before the wants of the self. I chose this image in the hope of illustrating how the Church in every time, in order for it to grow, and bring the good news of Jesus Christ to every soul has come at the cost of the personal sacrifice, and in not a few cases, even unto the shedding of blood. The rule of salvation is clear: without sacrifice, there is no redemption, this is true for the mass just as it is true for the works of mercy within the Church. Today you are receiving an invitation to sacrifice for Jesus Church not the Bishop s Church. Not my Church. It s JESUS Church! We may not live to see full flourishing of the numerous works of mercy of this Campaign at the Diocesan and Parish levels. But what is important is that we reach into that little bag where the heart beats and see if there is anything there that can be offered to our Lord. Remember, we can t take what s left in the bag after we die. The bag stays down here. However, our charitable efforts as well as our omissions will follow us. Years ago, I had a good spiritual mentor, an Irish priest by the name of Fr. Eamon Kelly who left me with much food for thought one day when he said, No good act of ours will escape God s notice. That s why I try to not pass up an opportunity to do some good in the name of God at each moment. Well, my friends, this is our moment. Your Pastor, Fr. Larry El Mundo que se ve desde la perspectiva de un creyente E sta es una joya de fotografía que tom-ė en el Segundo Campamento Anual de la Familia de la Santa Cruz este pasado mes de julio cerca del Lago Mormón. Yo le pedí un Cheeto y ella no dudó en compartir conmigo una puñada. Esas lecciones se aprenden en casa. Sospecho que su feliz demostración de generosidad es el fruto de la experiencia en su familia, donde las necesidades de otro van antes que los deseos de uno mismo. Escogí esta imagen con la esperanza de ilustrar cómo la Iglesia en todo momento, para poder crecer y llevar la buena nueva de Jesucristo a cada alma, lo ha hecho al costo del sacrificio personal, y, no en pocas ocasiones, aun al costo del derramamiento de sangre. La regla de salvación es clara: sin sacrificio no hay redención, y esto aplica tanto a la misa como a las obras de misericordia dentro de la Iglesia. Este día, ustedes están recibiendo una invitación para sacrificarse por la Iglesia de Jesús no la Iglesia del Obispo, ni mi Iglesia. Sino la Iglesia de Jesús! Puede ser que no vivamos para ver el florecimiento completo de las numerosas obras de misericordia de esta Campaña a nivel diocesano y parroquial. Pero lo que es importante es que busquemos dentro de esa bolsita donde late el corazón y veamos si hay algo allí que podemos ofrecer a nuestro Señor. Recuerden, no podemos llevarnos lo que haya quedado en la bolsa cuando muramos. La bolsa se queda aquí abajo. Sin embargo, nuestros esfuerzos caritativos, al igual que nuestras omisiones, nos seguirán. Hace años, yo tuve un buen mentor espiritual, un sacerdote irlandés llamado Padre Eamon Kelly, quien me heredó mucho en quė pensar cuando un día me dijo, Ninguna buena obra de nosotros escapará a la vista de Dios. Por eso trato de no dejar pasar una oportunidad de hacer algo bueno en nombre de Dios a cada momento. Bueno, mis amigos, este es nuestro momento. Su Pastor, Padre Lorenzo

3 HOLY CROSS CATHOLIC CHURCH DIRECTORY Holy Cross Catholic Church 1244 South Power Road Mesa, Arizona Parish Office...(480) RE Office...(480) Fax...(480) Website... Parish Office Hours Monday-Thursday... 8:30 am 5:00 pm (closed 12:00-1:00 pm) Friday... 8:30 am 12:00 pm Saturday & Sunday... Closed Confession Times Monday through Saturday After the 8:30am Mass Also Wednesday from 5:30 6:45 p.m. Anytime by appointment Infant Baptism Parents requesting that their child be baptized must be registered parishioners who are actively participating in the life of Holy Cross Church. Baptism preparation classes are required. Please call the parish office for additional information. 3 Parish Secretary, Laura Shirling... ext Priests Pastor, Fr. Lawrence Merta... ext. 208 Parochial Vicar, Fr. Jaya Rao Maddu... ext Parochial Vicar Care Ministry, Fr. Simon Osuchukwu ... Pastoral Ministry... ext Parish Administration... ext Religious Education... ext Coord. of Youth Faith Formation... ext Coord. of Elem. Faith Formation... ext Music Director of Music, Jaime Cortez... ext Liturgy Coord. of Liturgical Ministries, Carol Fuizzotti... ext Don t forget to check out our parish website at Couples seeking the sacrament of marriage must be registered parishioners who are actively participating in the life of Holy Cross Church. Notification of intent to marry must be provided nine months in advance. For more information on the marriage preparation process, please call the parish office. Communion to the Sick If you or someone you know is sick, hospitalized or homebound, please call for the assistance of a Minister of Care. Ministers of Care bring communion to those who cannot come to mass. Please call the parish office to arrange a scheduled Minister of Care visit. Emergency Anointing of the Sick If you or someone you know is in critical condition or near death, call (480) After 5:00 pm and weekends, Press 4 when instructed to do so. Leave a detailed message, including a contact name and telephone number, that will be heard by the priest on call. Please do not use this service for any other reason. Federal Privacy Regulation HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act), prohibits all hospitals from informing churches of a patient s presence unless the patient gives permission for the hospital to do so. If you are admitted to a hospital and would like a member of the clergy or a caregiver to visit you, please notify the hospital or call the parish office. St. Vincent de Paul Society The St. Vincent de Paul Society provides food, clothing, and other assistance to the poor and needy. Located at the north end of the grounds, their hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00-11:00 am. Their direct number is (480) Call to make an appointment.

4 4 Readings for the Week of November 4, 2018 Sunday: Dt 6:2-6/Ps 18:2-3, 3-4, 47, 51 [2]/ Heb 7:23-28/Mk 12:28b-34 Monday: Phil 2:1-4/Ps 131:1bcde, 2, 3/Lk 14:12-14 Tuesday: Phil 2:5-11/Ps 22:26b-27, 28-30ab, 30e, [26a]/Lk 14:15-24 Wednesday: Phil 2:12-18/Ps 27:1, 4, [1a]/ Thursday: THIS WEEK AT A GLANCE Monday, November 5th 8:00 am Morning Prayer Rm. D 8:30 am Mass/Confessions to follow Church 9:00 am Counseling Rm. G 9:00 am Adult Faith Formation Wellens 6:00 pm Legion of Mary Rm. F 6:30 pm Adult Faith Formation Rm. D Tuesday, November 6th 8:00 am Morning Prayer Rm. D 8:30 am Mass/Confessions to follow Church Wednesday, November 7th 8:00 am Morning Prayer Rm. D 8:30 am Mass/Confessions to follow Church 10:30 am Grief Support Rm. D 12:00 pm Eucharistic Adoration Church 5:30 pm Confessions Church 7:00 pm Mass Church Thursday, November 8th 8:00 am Morning Prayer Rm. D 8:30 am Mass/Confessions to follow Church 9:00 am Rosary Makers Rm. H 5:30 pm Groupo Oracion Carismatica Anderson 6:30 pm Spanish Youth Group Wellens Friday, November 9th 8:00 am Morning Prayer Rm. D 8:30 am Mass/Confessions to follow Church Saturday, November 10th See Mass Schedule 4:00 pm Youth Ministry Jewelry Sale Court yard Sunday, November 11th See Mass Schedule 6:30 am Youth Ministry Jewelry Sale Court yard Pray the Rosary Come join us each morning in the Church at 7:50am to pray the Rosary Lk 14:25-33 Phil 3:3-8a/Ps 105:2-3, 4-5, 6-7 [3b]/ Lk 15:1-10 Friday: Ez 47:1-2, 8-9, 12/Ps 46:2-3, 5-6, 8-9 [5]/ 1 Cor 3:9c-11, 16-17/Jn 2:13-22 Saturday: Phil 4:10-19/Ps 112:1b-2, 5-6, 8a and 9/ Lk 16:9-15 Next Sunday: 1 Kgs 17:10-16/Ps 146:7, 8-9, 9-10 [1b]/ Heb 9:24-28/Mk 12:38-44 or 12:41-44 Schedule LITURGY & MUSIC Week of November 5th 11th Priest Mon: 8:30 am Fr. Simon Osuchukwu Tues: 8:30 am Fr. Larry Merta Wed: 8:30 am Fr. Simon Osuchukwu 7:00 pm Fr. Larry Merta Thurs: 8:30 am Fr. Jerry Stack, C.PP.S. Fri: 8:30 am Fr. Simon Osuchukwu Sat: 8:30 am Fr. Simon Osuchukwu 4:00 pm Fr. Larry Merta Sun: 6:30 am Fr. Simon Osuchukwu 8:00 am Fr. Simon Osuchukwu 10:00 am Fr. Pierre Hissey 12:00 pm Fr. Pierre Hissey 2:00 pm (Spanish) Fr. Larry Merta 4:00 pm (Youth) Fr. Simon Osuchukwu *Celebrants scheduled are subject to change Mon: 8:30 am Tues: 8:30 am Wed: 8:30 am 7:00 pm Thurs: 8:30 am Fri: 8:30 am Sat: 8:30 am 4:00 pm Sun: 6:30 am 8:00 am 10:00 am 12:00 pm 2:00 pm 4:00 pm Week of November 5th 11th Richard Smolka Hugo Alcantara Carmen & Concepcion Uribe Jaquelyn McAulift Frank Brennan Roger Lanctot Alyssa Castro Ed, Sally & James Herowski (SI) Merine James Beverly Gajeski Judy Huber Carl Harper (SI) Pro Populo Barbara Tieman A copy of the Diocese of Phoenix Policy and Procedures for the Protection of Minors is available in the parish front office or by visiting and selecting the Policy & Procedures link. The Diocese of Phoenix encourages anyone who has been a victim of sexual, physical or emotional abuse by any clergy, employee or volunteer of the Roman Catholic Church to contact the police. In addition, the Diocese of Phoenix provides support services through its Office of Child and Youth Protection ( ). Please continue to pray for the end of all abuse and a greater respect of the dignity of the human person.

5 THE TRINITY OF STEWARDSHIP 5 The Holy Cross Stewardship Committee fosters the mission of Holy Cross Catholic Church by INFORMING the parish of ministries taking place, by INVITING people into new and existing ministries, by SUPPORTING people in their ministries, by PROVIDING information regarding the financial situation of the parish and to INCREASE financial support of the parish. Did you know Catholic Charities supports Veterans? MANA House, (Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force) provides transitional housing for veterans. It provides a foundation for veterans currently or at-risk of experiencing homelessness, providing each one the opportunity to reclaim a life of self-suf iciency. We have volunteer opportunities to support our veterans and we invite you for a tour, to help, or to donate. To learn more about MANA House, please call and visit us at Speak out in defense of the poor- Proverbs 31:8-9 Saint Vincent de Paul Holy Cross Conference In the Gospel today, Jesus tells us: You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength and you shall love your neighbor as yourself. Through your gift to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul you can show your love for our Lord and your love of your neighbor who is hungry, hopeless, alone and frightened. We are collecting food for the holidays. For Thanksgiving we need yams, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing and cream of mushroom soup. These items will be packed and given to residents within our parish when we hand out turkeys. We are expecting to hand out 150 turkeys. Drop the items off at the St Vincent de Paul office Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM. We are always in need of cereal, jam, jelly, canned chili, Vienna sausages, canned Ravioli, and peanut butter. Additionally, long crew socks are always needed. These items are given out to our homeless year round. Thank you in advance for your donations. Please consider a contribution to St Vincent de Paul and take advantage of a Federal Tax deduction and an Arizona Tax Credit. You can contribute up to $800 for married couples and $400 for singles and take the tax credit. Some of your contributions for the year ending September 30, 2018 were used to help residents within our parish community with utility assistance, food, rent assistance, gasoline, furniture and clothing. In addition over 3000 homeless were helped with food, bus passes, gasoline and clothing. Support Holy Cross Parish by using your Fry s Rewards card! Holy Cross Parish is now a member of the Fry s Community Rewards program. Once our participants link their Fry s card to Holy Cross parish, a portion of the purchase amount will be given back to Holy Cross Church. To Use the Fry's Community Rewards Program: Simply visit Once logged into your Fry's account you can search for Holy Cross Roman Catholic Parish - Mesa either by name or EG285 and then click Enroll. New users will need to create an account which requires some basic information, a valid address and a rewards card. REMEMBER, participant purchases will not count for our organization until after you register your FRYS rewards card. Participants must swipe their registered Fry's rewards card or use the phone number that is related to their registered Fry's rewards card when shopping for each purchase to count. Parish Stewardship of Treasure For the weekend of October 27th & 28th Plate Collections Envelope Contributions... $8,366 Loose Cash/Checks... $8,584 Total Plate... $16,950 Special Collections - Parish Candle Revenue... $118 All Saints... $28 Christmas... $5 Immaculate Conception... $5 Solemnity of Mary... $5 Total Special Collections - Parish... $161 Special Collections - Diocese World Mission... $82 Gospel of Life... $3 Total Special Collections - Diocese... $85 Offering Giving Summary Year-to-Date Giving 7/1/18-10/28/18... $396,333 Prior Year-to-Date Giving 7/1/17-10/29/18... $424,710 Please remember Holy Cross parish in your estate planning and thank you for your continued support of Holy Cross Catholic Church.

6 6 RELIGIOUS EDUCATION: ELEMENTARY AND YOUTH FORMATION 78 Days! Now accepting registrations for the 2019 Diocese of Phoenix Multi-Parish High School Retreat (also known as The Williams Retreat ) which takes place each year in Williams, AZ. Join 450 high school students from around the Diocese, and Bishop Olmsted, as we grow in our faith, praise God, and partake of the Sacraments. The cost is $200 per student and includes round trip transportation, lodging, five meals, and a T-shirt! Contact Patti Phillips in the RE Office for more details, or call/ at or Religious Education office Please join us on Thursday morning, November 8, from 9am until 11am, in Room H for a morning of prayerful fellowship with other parishioners while making rosaries for our parish ministries. No previous experience needed. Please contact Cindy at or for more information. Please pray for the 19 Holy Cross Parishioners, guided by Fr. Larry Merta, who are preparing to attend World Youth Day in Panama City, Panama January 21-28, May this time of spiritual preparation deepen their love and commitment to our Catholic faith. Catholic Jewelry and Rosary Sale! Holy Cross Life Teen Youth Ministry will be holding a jewelry sale in the courtyard after all Weekend Masses November 10/11 and November 17/18. Proceeds will benefit teens attending the Diocese of Phoenix High School Retreat in February, For questions or more information, contact Patti Phillips in the RE Office at or Thank you for supporting our Youth! RELIGIOUS EDUCATION: ADULT FAITH FORMATION AND SPIRITUALITY ROSARY MAKERS Holy Cross Parish has gifted all families with a subscription to FORMED.org. This is an exciting online Catholic platform where you can access the truth, beauty, and meaning of the Catholic Faith anytime, anywhere. Use it on your computer, tablet, or smart phone. FORMED.org contains videos, movies, audio talks, and e-books. Check out the new content, indulging children's contents and books. To obtain free access to FORMED.org, enter Holy Cross parish code: BR4Z9E Questions? Contact your Pastoral Associate Bridgette (480) or Opportunities to Serve: If you are a Kino Institute graduate, we need your help with facilitating Adult Faith Formation sessions. We would like to develop a core team and offer multiple tracks of formation opportunities. You will not have to do this on our own, and you will be given all the necessary materials and training. Do not miss this opportunity to serve and share what God has given you; you have obtained a unique gift of knowledge which God wants you to use for His glory. Are you married in the Catholic Church and living out your Faith as a couple? You are a gift to our world which does not understand the meaning and beauty of marriage and the fruit of keeping God at the center of it. Is it hard? Yes. Is it worth it? YES!! Your marriage and your gifts need to be shared. We are looking for marriage preparation and enrichment facilitators for various programs. Some of the work can be done in your own home, some at the church. Please contact Bridgette Cosentino at or (480) x-206 to find out more about these rewarding opportunities. No commitment is too small. Just give it a chance. Don't assume someone else would be better at it than you, or that someone else will fill the need. God is calling YOU!.

7 RELIGIOUS EDUCATION: ADULT FAITH FORMATION AND SPIRITUALITY Adult Faith Formation Self Guided Advent Retreat Starts this Week, Evening Sessions Available too! When praying we often feel as if we re talking to ourselves, or to no one at all. How can something so vital to our Faith be so elusive? Using Lectio Divina we can make prayer an effective effort of love and intimacy with God. Prayer: Finding Intimacy with God captures the secret to opening our hearts and minds to Scripture as the means to hear from God and then respond in conversation, basking in His presence and resolving to live in and through his love. PARISH & COMMUNITY EVENTS ANNUAL PRE-SALE OF TAMALES! Tamales Tamales Tamales Green (chicken) or Red (beef) tamales at only $15.00 per dozen Order from now until November 9, 2018 Call the church s office at to place your order All the money raised will be used to cover expenses for the Celebration of the Feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe in December Delivery of tamales will be on Sunday, November 11, after all the masses. Thank you! 7 You can journey through this retreat on your own (using FORMED.org) or in community with us by attending one of our weekly morning or evening Adult Faith Formation sessions on Mondays from November 5th through December 10th. Mornings: 9:15-11 am in Wellens Hall - Bring a brunch item to share. Evenings: 6:30-8 pm in the Library (Classroom D) - Only water allowed in this room ALL ARE WELCOME. $10 Participant Guides are Available until we run out. Opportunity We are looking for a Bilingual couple, married in the Catholic Church and who have received confirmation, to lead Quinceanera preparation at Holy Cross. All the resources are available and the material is very simple to deliver. The total time commitment would be a few hours a month. For more information please contact Fr. Larry Merta or Bridgette Cosentino at (480) Don t forget to check out our parish website at

8 8 Journeying through Grief PARISH & COMMUNITY EVENTS No two grief journeys are alike; all grief journeys are different. Two individuals grieving the same person, such as a wife grieving the loss of her husband and a daughter grieving the loss of her father (same person), will often experience entirely different journeys based upon their own relationships with the deceased. In addition, a person who has grieved the loss of two or more loved ones will find that each journey was different from the others again based upon each unique relationship. It is not unusual for a person to grieve the loss of one loved one more than the loss of another. It is important to remember this point that all grief journeys are different and not make comparisons as a person might think something is wrong because his/her journey is longer or shorter, more stressful or less stressful, or more complicated or less complicated than another person s journey or the journey traveled for a previous loss. Each journey through grief is as unique as the person who is experiencing it. In support group meetings, those who share their stories will often find similarities with others stories and will note how their journeys are different. Within the support group, there is affirmation for all journeys without judgment or comparison. If you are on the grief journey, we invite you to attend the Holy Cross support group meetings to be affirmed and supported as you make your way back to life. Our next meeting is Wednesday, November 7, 10:30 a.m. in classroom D at Holy Cross. We look forward to meeting and supporting you. Palm Sunday Chorus Oh come, let us sing to the Lord. Psalm 95:1. If you enjoy singing and have sung with a choral group before, we would love to have you join our Palm Sunday Chorus as we make a joyful noise to proclaim the scriptures. Holy Cross musicians will be performing in English The Passion and Resurrection of the Lord According to Mark, a musical setting of the scriptures composed by parishioner Evelyn Sanchez, on Palm Sunday, April 14, If you are interested, you may sign up after Mass the weekend of November or contact Evelyn at or Chorus rehearsals are scheduled for most Monday evenings from 6:15-7:30 p.m. starting Monday, November 26 th in Anderson Hall. Help support the Life Teen Youth Enjoy some delicious Coffee and Donuts in the courtyard after Mass this Sunday and help our Life Teen Youth Ministry attend the Diocese of Phoenix High School Retreat in February. Thank you for your support! Holy Cross cares about their caregivers. The next caregivers support group meeting is Wednesday, November 14, 2:30 p.m. in classrooms 1-2 at Mountain Vista Medical Center in Mesa. Holy Cross Council No Please join the Holy Cross Life Teen s after Mass for Coffee & Donuts! Knights of Columbus Council 7904 holds council meetings the first Thursday each month in Wellens Hall. We begin with praying the Rosary at 6:30pm. All Holy Cross parishioners and visitors are invited to pray the Rosary with us. Visiting Knights are encouraged to join us at 7:00pm for the monthly Council meetings. Join the Knights Become a Knight, Ask Us How! Learn More About the Call Jim Pergo at (480) Council 7904 has created a Facebook page of the activities our Knights enjoy! Go to Like the page and view the pictures. Call Norm or Judy Rimbey for tickets Don t forget to check out our parish website at

9 El Domingo de Ramos COMUNIDAD LATINA/HISPANA Oh, vengan, cantemos al Señor. Salmo 95:1. Si usted disfruta cantando y ha cantado con un grupo coral anteriormente, nos encantaría que se uniera a nuestro Coro del Domingo de Ramos donde haremos un ruido jubiloso para proclamar las escrituras. El Domingo de Ramos, 14 de abril de 2019, músicos de la Santa Cruz van a presentar en inglės La Pasión y Resurrección del Señor de acuerdo a Marcos, una obra musical compuesta por Evelyn Sánchez, miembro de nuestra parroquia. Si usted tiene interés, puede inscribirse después de las misas durante el fin de semana del de noviembre, o comunicarse con Evelyn al , o a Los ensayos del coro están programados la mayoría de lunes por la tarde, de 6:15 a 7:30 p.m. comenzando el lunes 26 de noviembre en el Salón Anderson. PRE-VENTA ANUAL DE TAMALES T A M A L E S T A M A L E S VERDES (DE POLLO) O ROJOS (DE RES) A SÓLO $15.00 LA DOCENA ORDENEN DESDE AHORA HASTA EL 9 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2018 LLAMEN A LA OFICINA DE LA IGLESIA AL NÚMERO PARA ORDENARLOS TODO EL DINERO QUE SE RECAUDE SERÁ PARA CUBRIR GASTOS RELACIONADOS CON LA CELEBRACIÓN DE LA VIRGEN DE GUADALUPE EN DICIEMBRE LA ENTREGA DE LOS TAMALES SERA EL DOMINGO 11 DE NOVIEMBRE DESPUES DE TODAS LAS MISAS. GRACIAS Venta de Joyería Católica y Rosarios! Se estará vendiendo joyería católica y rosarios para beneficio del Ministerio de Jóvenes. La venta será del 11 de noviembre y 18 de noviembre después de las Misas. Gracias por su apoyo! Sociedad de San Vicente de Paul Conferencia Santa Cruz, En el Evangelio de hoy, Jesús nos dice: Amarás al Señor tu Dios con todo tu corazón, con toda tu alma, con toda tu mente y con todas tus fuerzas... y amarás a tu prójimo como a ti mismo. A través de su donación a la Sociedad de San Vicente de Paul, usted puede mostrar su amor por nuestro Señor y su amor por el prójimo que está hambriento, sin esperanza, solitario y asustado. Estamos colectando alimentos que se usa tradicionalmente para el Dia de Acción de Gracias. Se repartirá con pavos para aproximadamente 150 familias. Pueden traer sus donaciones a nuestra oficina de 9am-11am de lunes a jueves. Siempre aceptamos y agradecemos alimentos como: cereal, jaleas, chili, salchichas Viena, ravioli, crema de cacahuate. Adicionalmente calcetines largos que regalamos todo el año a los indigentes. Gracias de antemano por sus donaciones. Considere una contribución a St. Vincent de Paul y aproveche una deducción de impuestos Federal y un crédito de impuestos de Arizona. Puede contribuir hasta $800 por parejas casadas y $400 para solteros y tomar el crédito fiscal. Algunas de sus contribuciones para el año que terminó el 30 de septiembre de 2018 fueron utilizados para ayudar a los residentes dentro de nuestra comunidad parroquial con la ayuda de la utilidad, alimentos, alquiler, gasolina, muebles y ropa. Además más de 3000 indigentes fueron ayudados con pases de autobús, gasolina, comida y ropa. OPORTUNIDAD Estamos buscando una pareja bilingüe, casada por la Iglesia Católica y que hayan recibido la Confirmación, para dirigir la preparación de Quinceañeras en la Santa Cruz. Todos los recursos están disponibles y el material es muy sencillo de enseñar. El tiempo total que tendrían que comprometerse a este servicio sería unas pocas horas al mes. Para más información, por favor comunicarse con el Padre Larry Merta o con Bridgette Cosentino en el número (480) Si tienen un niño menor de 7 años que quieren bautizar, daremos una sesión de orientación el 18 de Noviembre a las 3:00pm. Por favor marquen su calendario. Las lecturas de la semana del 4 de noviembre Domingo: Dt 6, 2-6/Sal 18, [2]/ Heb 7, 23-28/Mc 12, Lunes: Flp 2, 1-4/Sal 131, /Lc 14, Martes: Flp 2, 5-11/Sal 22, [26]/ Lc 14, Miércoles: Flp 2, 12-18/Sal 27, [1]/Lc 14, Jueves: Flp 3, 3-8/Sal 105, [3]/Lc 15, 1-10 Viernes: Ez 47, /Sal 46, [5]/ 1 Cor 3, /Jn 2, Sábado: Flp 4, 10-19/Sal 112, y 9/Lc 16, 9-15

10 Safe Lock & Key Co. - Since E. Main St. Mesa, AZ Ralph Harmon Ph: Fax: Richard A. Prather Certified Public Accountant Tax & Accounting Services 5550 E. McKellips #102 Mesa, AZ Serviam Family Health Center of East Valley THERESA REYES M.D. BENEDICT DAYRIT M.D E. Broadway Rd., Suite 101 Mesa, AZ Past NE Corner Power & Broadway (480) Humilitus Dr. Rick Jacobi - Dr. Mike Crockett Bleaching S. 63rd St. Mesa 63rd & Main CK PAINTING & ROOFING RE-ROOF & REPAIRS Compare Our Prices Shingle Flat Tile ROC# Free Estimates INSTANT PHONE QUOTES White (Tooth Colored) Fillings Porcelain Bonded Veneers, Inlays & Crowns Root Canals Extractions Bridges Cleanings Treatment of Early Gum Disease Partials Implants Crowns Quality Dental Care in a Relaxed & Comfortable Office 15 years in Iowa 40 years in Arizona Dentures (Repairs & Relines) Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) Major Credit Cards Available ASK ABOUT OUR ONE VISIT CROWNS We will file your insurance claim for you electronically! Marsha Livingston, CPA Tax and Accounting Services 1844 E. Enid (480) Mesa, AZ (602) Engine & Transmissions Rebuilt Alignment, Mufflers Emission Repair Patio & Carport Awnings, Widow Awnings, Sunscreens, Room Additions, and Roofing E. Apache Trail (480) Ask for Humberto Garcia Ask for Luis Garcia E. Broadway Rd. 429 E. Broadway Rd. Mesa, AZ Mesa, AZ EAST MESA AUTO REPAIR CTR., INC. Heating and Air Conditioning Electrical, Computer Diagnosis and Repair Mechanical Repairs Suspension & Brakes fax (480) (480) Bill Taylor 8027 E. Main St., Mesa, AZ Parishioner Call LPi today for advertising info (800) Rodney J. Palmer DDS Serving the East Valley for 19 years 7221 E. Baseline Mesa, AZ Contact Debra Tyrrell to place an ad today! or (800) x2649 FULL HARVEST LANDSCAPING LLC Family Owned & Operated Parishioners Just Call The Crew Today (480) VALLEY WIDE SERVICE FREE ESTIMATES FULLY INSURED Sprinkler Systems Weed Removal & Accent Lights Tree Triming & Removal Pavers Parishioner 10% Discount FREE EXAM & X-RAYS $ Value Walk-Ins Welcome Dentures Implants Crowns Partials Extractions Excluding patients with dental insurance. Must present coupon. Cannot combine offers. DENTURES STARTING AT $495 DENTURE RELINES $95 DENTURE REPAIRS $75 $150 OFF CROWN For ad info. call Holy Cross, Mesa, AZ C 4C

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